Re-Birth of Things

Re-Birth of Things

I have been well, thanks — and still obsessed with dogs (as shown) and running (as shown).

Hello! As you can tell, things look a bit different around here. I have tried to stare at my computer long enough to make the website a bit prettier looking — I have a ways to go, but I am getting there. I have not posted in awhile, as I have taken much devoted time to other adventures, challenges, and great opportunity in my life. The good news is that I am back and excited to be blogging again. I hope you are just as thrilled!

At the current time, I am embarking on my dream job in sports nutrition, as the team dietitian for the NY Islanders hockey organization. I have joined an organization full of welcoming arms (fist bumps and high-fives, more so than men coming at me with arms open like a baby does when walking to a fuzzy dog). Anyways, the ability to join a group that is incredibly open to conversation, ideas, and opinions is a place I feel comfortable — as if I met my “people”. I split my time in between Long Island and Bridgeport, CT where the AHL team plays/practices. And while I am a Philly girl, one could call me a rebel for helping out a city I don’t live in; however, in the world of sports nutrition, it is important to push forth the importance of food as fuel for performance, to grow our profession, regardless of where you are or what team it might be. This is such a positive step in the field of dietetics and I am proud to be a part of dietitians finding and paving their way into the NHL.

Outside of that, I will be seeing more clients again, embarking on more writing and social media things, and doing what entrepreneur dietitians do — wake up and think outside the box. I look forward to having time to write more, especially because folks like you tell me you enjoy my little informational posts. And because my platform is to educate the “whys” of eating well, I am incredibly pleased you enjoy it.

And, the rest of the life of Jenna is great. Olivia is doing well and if I could post about dog nutrition, I would love to; unfortunately, that is not my specialty. My marathon running is still in my life, having recently completed Philadelphia once again in November. While it was the worst marathon I have ever ran with wind punching you in the face every 15 seconds and not feeling my hands, I simply cannot wait to run another one. I still do not eat meat — that is for some of my relatives out there that still kindly ask if I would like a turkey sandwich or tacos when I come to visit them. After 12 years, that won’t change — I will always love cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, deer, duck, rabbits, I can go on… But I thank you for always asking, just in case.

Cheers to a happy holiday, however you spend it. Please stay tuned as I re-start this little page of mine.

Healthy Holidays! (who am I kidding, I ate 7 cookies last night)

Jenna Stranzl, RD