It’s Been Awhile (cue Britney Spears “Break the Ice” Lyrics)

It’s Been Awhile (cue Britney Spears “Break the Ice” Lyrics)

As I am ending another amazing season as Team Dietitian for the NY Islanders organization, I am reflecting back on things I have learned over the last year or two. One thing is for sure though — it is really hard to find time to blog and do this all at the same time. Maybe because I felt like I HAD to… 

Sometimes I feel like we *should* be RDs all the time. I have to blog, I have to take pictures of food, I have to do yoga, I have to drink lite beer, I have to like homemade granola bars, I have to like kale. Thing is, I hate kale. And I really like Belgian ales and I dislike yoga. I like running too much, taking pictures of my dog, and drinking more caffeine that I probably should.

Where am I getting at? Well, I think in my first several years as an RD, I was a person of “YES”. I wanted it all. I wanted to work everywhere, do everything, and be everything to everyone. I wanted to be the best at everything. But over time, something finally clicked. When you do too much, you can’t give yourself to the things you really love most.  You make broken promises. You let people down because you must simply do it all. In some areas you soar and some areas you just dive into a pile of dirt. And also, sometimes, you just need to say “no one else cares if you can do it all but yourself” — so girl, simmer down.

Right now, I am at peace. After this year/season especially, I fell in love with what I do and where I am in my life. I wake up everyday and love the choices in my career I have made. And in doing that, I became confident in the job I do. I am not insecure of other RDs out there (we have this competitive nature, if you happen to know any of us) — I want them to kick ass, do their best, and make the best out of what they can. But I also woke up and said “NO” to things I felt I could not completely handle or recognize someone else other than myself can do. I think at times we struggle with that — but when I finally let go of wanting it all, that is when I truly felt I actually do have it all. I just wasn’t truly looking at what that was.

Through this whole learning-as-you-go experience as a growing professional and dietitian, I want to thank those that build each other up. We are all in this together. To pat each other on the back, to root each other on in job interviews or when finding difficultly in something we should be there as a helping hand. Thank you to those that helped me, believed in me, and didn’t give a hoot if I don’t take foodie photos on Instagram.

With that being said, I think if I am getting back into blogging here, it’s mostly going to be about what I know. What I experienced or what my niche is. I might not talk about matcha. I never had it. But I might talk about how to navigate difficult clients or when is the right time to take beet powder. I don’t have all the answers (I never did – I might have thought I did), but I am happy to tell you that I am okay with that. I look forward to meeting that someone out there who does have the answers to the stuff I do not, because that’s growing up.