As a contributor to Be Well Philly, a section of Philadelphia Magazine, I started to post more topics. Here is my first post of the New Year to help guide folks through healthy habits and positive change. Philadelphia Magazine: 6 Dos and Don’ts of New Year Dieting, According to a Philly Dietitian  Read More →

There are so many so called milks out there that I start to wonder why are they all called milks? What makes a milk a milk? Because it is white? I am confused. Milk, perhaps, is called milk because it is defined as whatever makes sense in a bowl of cereal…? I don’t know. But I am going to help you understand the differences in milks/cereal liquid.Read More →

Hello! As you can tell, things look a bit different around here. I have tried to stare at my computer long enough to make the website a bit prettier looking — I have a ways to go, but I am getting there. I have not posted in awhile, as I have taken much devoted time to other adventures, challenges, and great opportunity in my life. The good news is that I am back and excited to be blogging again. I hope you are just as thrilled!Read More →

Growing up, Philadelphia was the last place I wanted to live. It was dirty, the news would always tell me about rape, murder, drugs, and other bad news. Nothing seemed positive except for when passing by via 76 I would see the Wyland-esque mural of whales and sea life on a building off the Schuylkill River. Yet while some of this remains true, over time, I have learned it isn’t so bad.Read More →

Leave it to me to mention something about dogs in a blog. But in fact, we all know the heated, long, humid days of summer make our workouts feel like they will never end. To keep your workouts and training efforts at their best during the warmer months, here are seven fueling tips to keep in mind.Read More →

There are some mornings that are too hectic that you are even surprised that you were able to remember to put on your pants. Congrats to those that did so successfully. And congrats to those of you who remembered to remind your children and/or significant other to do that same as well.  But — remembering to eat is JUST as important as your pants.Read More →

I really do. I have an addiction and it is pretty bad. My dog Olivia has two jars — in fact, she cries (yelps of joy) when I take it out for her. For her, I put it in her Kong along with honey wheat bread or a mushed up banana. But the problem is that Olivia and I have a hard time practicing proper portion size when it comes to opening a jar. But we kind of created a solution. Some days we fall off the wagon, but like all of you out there (and I guess those dogs that can read blogs) weRead More →

Hello and Happy New Year! I apologize for being horrible with contributing new things onto my page. So on top of my New Years resolution to moisturize my face daily and nightly (I am an aging female, you know) I will post more about healthy eating and all things yummy.  So to help keep this all in line and tip top shape I now have the help of a lovely dietetic student from Drexel University, Alex Wolz. In fact, I am giving her the first entry for 2014 — Being Savvy about Sweeteners… (her own topic of choice)Read More →

The moment you start to feel shaky during a shift, practice, at-bat, or stint on the tennis court, is an indication of inadequate fueling to your central nervous system. Going through long gaps without feeding your body can make you under-fueled not only for that very day, but the following days of summer tournaments, long practices, two-a-days, and camps.  It can become a vicious cycle if you, for example, overeat at night, awake still full, skip breakfast, and under-fuel again during the day.  These simple reminders will help avoid these pitfalls.Read More →

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