Hello All! I am happy to say I am going to begin frequently updating my website after being desserted. In my newer posts, I will include personal stories on health/lifestyle, current nutrition topics, recipes, and other items that support a healthy, nutritious, and active life. I feel this enables me to be more creative with my posts and not feel the dreaded writers block at times. As always, feel free to email me if you have any post ideas, questions, or stories you would like to share at jenna@jennastranzl.com.Read More →

What I about to say may rock your world. I admit, I am a dietitian that does not like water. And I know – I will die of dehydration if I do not drink it. If I dropped us all off on a deserted island and there was no food or drink (while there is a VERY obvious pool of ocean in front of us, it is off limits – for sake of my explanation), we would die in ~48 hours. That is unfortunate.Read More →

As discussed in the previous post, healthy snacks can be simple or creative. One important thing to understand when it comes to diet is variety. Oftentimes we get stuck in a cycle or have “staples” in terms of snacks and meals – eating the same snacks or meals day after day. When we limit the diet to only a few choices, we are limiting a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients necessary for our bodies.Read More →

Oftentimes people approach me with the idea that because I am a dietitian, I am a miracle worker – and gosh, I wish I was.  Thing is, a dietitian can help create success; however, it takes more than our words of wisdom to make the goals happen.  When it comes to weight loss goals, one has to be realistic.  The most important things to realize are:Read More →

As I mentioned in the last post, I will be creating scenarios in which kids, parents, and other individuals deal with on occasion.  These are the most common situations I hear about from my clients.  Here is case #2… Case #2: You and your family are at a professional baseball game and you get hungry.  What healthy snack or meal choice would you search for or select?Read More →

A lot of times I work with youth athletes or parents that have younger children.  When learning about healthy eating habits, oftentimes there are situations a child or parent experience.  Within the next few posts, I will create common scenarios children, parents, and teens deal with on occasion. Case #1: You arrive home early (before your parents) and you are not allowed to use the microwave or oven.  You are starving.  What healthy snacks could you eat?Read More →

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