Meet with Jenna in various ways:

Individual Nutrition Sessions: Meet one on one with Jenna to evaluate your current dietary intake, create and implement nutrition related goals, and make a realistic plan moving forward on how to achieve the goals set. Sessions can be done via online or phone if not in the Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley area. Note: Parents of teens or child are allowed to sit in on the sessions, if agreed upon with teen/child. Initial meeting approximately 60 minutes.

Group Nutrition Sessions: Meet in a group setting with Jenna to discuss nutrition related topics. An example of this could be a group of busy moms looking for guidance on what to feed their hungry teens and also, how to keep their own bodies healthy and well energized being a superhero mom. Sessions can be done via online or phone if not in the Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley area. Initial meeting approximately 60 minutes.

Note: All sessions are recommended to have follow-up sessions. Nutrition is a lifestyle and not usually a one-time thing. Just like getting a haircut, good nutrition needs maintenance and proper up-keep to ensure things are running smoothly and healthfully. Follow-up sessions are based on each client, but typically 30-60 minutes.

Aside from one-on-one or group nutrition sessions, Jenna does the following in-person:

  • Grocery Store Tours — one hour
  • Sports Team or Organization talks: audience specific, various topics, etc.

In-person or phone meetings can be scheduled during weekdays/nights and weekends. Prior to initial meeting is a required questionnaire to fill out as well as providing at least a 3-day diet log. It is recommended to submit the required material at least 3 days prior to meeting with Jenna so she may properly look over your material.

Meetings can be done in-home (yours), at Velocity/STACK Performance in Cherry Hill, or within a more local spot if not within that immediate area.

Please contact Jenna at to find out more about pricing and scheduling.


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